INFOSTUDIJA – any more one year in the market works as a bureau of designing of buildings, planning of territories and design. Our problems and kinds of work are reflected in the name of the enterprise. Our name occurs from the incorporated Italian and Latin words. “Informatio” on Latin designates the explanation, transfer of knowledge, “studio” in translation from Latin language designates a place where creative people are gathered, where original ideas are embodied. The head of organization Gedeminas Ratavichus has graduated in 1997 the Vilnius technical university named after Gedeminas, is the holder of a master’s degree of architecture and the certified architect. (At.Nr.F 1057).1998-2003 worked in Joint-Stock Company “Lithun” in a department of architecture. Joint-Stock Company “Architekton”, Joint-Stock Company “Jungtinės architektų dirbtuvės”. In 2003 has based Joint-Stock Company “INFOSTUDIJA”


The collective of a society plans special and detailed plans, projects apartment houses (one-apartment, two-room apartment, cottages, apartment houses and others), public (hotels, office buildings, shopping centers of nutrition, services, rest and sports and others), industrial (production, warehouse, services and others) buildings and an interior.


We aspire to find out needs of the customer, desire, an opportunity and an aesthetic consideration. During discussion we reveal criteria both to you, and us. The analysis of the information, the general creative work with the client helps to find out clear idea of the project. The functional part of a building and synthesis of an ideological idea transforms object in individual and unique.

Realization of the project, universality of object, an optimality of decisions, quality of work, precision of details is important for us.


As each person is unique the person, a life, and needs of a way of life is unique and unique. Therefore the space of projected object should correspond to a way of life of your family, hobbies, specificity of your craft and other needs. Our purpose that the structure was arranged under you, instead of you under a structure. Colour and forms of our work are various, we do not impose our opinion and an aesthetic consideration. Houses and constructions we create not to ourselves, but for clients. Our duty – to offer the client innovative idea, to help to coordinate professionally desires and opportunities, aesthetic taste and comfort, harmoniously to join in an environment. We are not indifferent to financial opportunities of the client. Therefore we try to advise how to construct more cheaply. We do not suggest to save on a material, to refuse a space. To save help rational decisions of designing and use of new technologies.

Our motivation – confidence of the client and cooperation.